Marketing Operations for Small Businesses

The Service

Give your business superpowers in less than 48 hours.

I work by your side, preferably in person, to build your new marketing campaigns and setup time and money saving apps quickly so you can start bringing in new customers immediately.

These sessions are scheduled as a 7-hour block of time where I'm dedicated to only one client - YOU.

It allows me to focus all of my attention on your company so you get high-quality results immediately.

What can we accomplish? 

The service is customized for every business so it can be broad such as building an online store from scratch with basic marketing and analytics...


Focused narrowly on something like designing, writing, and building your automated email marketing program.

There's an application below so I can learn about your business and be realistic about what we can accomplish together :-) 

The Basics

Most businesses don't have their basic marketing systems setup and don't know how to evaluate their marketing program with the services they have.
So the best place to start is the basics. Here are just a few of the areas that are best to focus on initially...


Google Analytics and Hotjar so you can see how people are interacting with your site and have the data you need to improve conversions. 

Paid Marketing 

Google Adwords, Google Shopping, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and other Paid Marketing channels. Even if you're not going to turn these on today, you need to have these systems setup so you can get ads in front of your audience quickly when you need to. They're also crucial for retargeting the customers who are already coming to your site. 

Email Marketing

Mailchimp and other email marketing services. Email is still one of the best channels for engaging with your leads and re-engaging with new customers.

You need to ensure you're not only sending the minimum emails to your customers but also ensure those emails actually look professional on all devices and are delivered to the customer's inbox instead of the spam folder. 

Customer Support and Engagement

 Zendesk, Drift, Freshdesk, live chat, and other engagement and retention apps. Today's technology allows you to engage with your customers and sell to them in real time from anywhere whether you're at your computer or chatting with them from an app on your phone.

If you're still relying solely on email and phone calls for customer support, you're losing time and money by inefficiently serving your customers.


Zapier, IFTTT, and other integration tools. All of the best tech tools today have straightforward ways to share information with each other so you aren't manually copy/pasting data from one to the other or sending an email from one department to the next.

I'll integrate as many of your systems as possible so you can let technology do all that manual labor for you in seconds. 

Process Management 

Pipefy, Process Street, Wikis. You need to have documented, repeatable processes to create a scalable business.

The knowledge can't all be stored in your head or the head of one of your employees.

By turning your processes into repeatable checklists and knowledge bases, you're able to offload some of your work and trust that your employees aren't missing any steps or searching for answers by asking other employees. 

Everything Else 

There are tons of other marketing and operations apps to make your life easier and more profitable as a business owner. I'm a nerd who evaluates all the new and existing technology so you don't have to.

I am your

On-Demand Chief Marketing Officer


$1,000 per day (7-hour block of time)

This service also includes 30 days of email support if you need help after I implement your systems. 

Because I work remotely, I'm generally open to traveling anywhere in the United States to help you overhaul your marketing and operations systems. If I can't travel to you, we can work together remotely via video. This is equally effective and sometimes faster. 

This is a co-working service where we'll accomplish as much as possible side by side in person or virtually. This format works best because it ensures I get crucial information and access to systems quickly as well as buy-in from you in real time so I can build effective systems and teach you how to use them in a short period of time. 

The benefit of this format is that it saves you money and provides you a higher quality outcome than if we draw the project out over weeks or months. It also saves you time and gets your new marketing campaigns running immediately. 

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Meet Aaron

Aaron Saari is a writer, speaker, and strategic marketing advisor who has helped over 20 startups and small businesses grow through a combination of automation, digital marketing, and strategic storytelling. 

He has been the first hire at two venture-backed Silicon Valley startups, led teams of over 30 people, and was the COO of a 120-person construction company.

He’s also a West Point graduate and was an Army officer with deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan in a former life.

Apply to work with This Is Growth

I have an application process because I can't work with every company that's interested in this service. I choose to work with only 4-5 businesses per month so I can provide them with the best service possible.

Please fill out the application below if you would like to explore working together. 

After you apply, I'll review your application and schedule a followup call to see if your business is a good fit. Thanks for applying! 

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