AMAZON SELLERS - Remarket to your Amazon Customers and get more sales this holiday season

You could increase your recurring revenue by 15% or more…

Who You Are

  1. You’re a company doing more than $5,000 in sales per month on Amazon.

  2. You have your own website where you’re selling the same products that you sell on Amazon or similar products.

  3. You want to get your Amazon customers to buy from you directly on your website instead of always buying from you on Amazon.


AMZ-2-MAIL mails postcards to your Amazon customers in order to get them to buy from you directly. You can increase your revenue by 15% or more if customers who receive a postcard buy from your website instead of buying on Amazon.

AMZ-2-MAIL helps you to take YOUR customers back from Amazon so you own that customer relationship instead of paying Amazon 15% of every sale for access to YOUR customers.

“This is genius - I thought I’d have to pay Amazon’s 15% listing fee forever.

Now that my customers have moved from buying on Amazon to buying on my website, I have more cash to grow my business and can contact my customers directly when I release new products or have holiday promotions.

AMZ-2-MAIL was crucial for helping grow my ecommerce business.”


$99 One-Time Setup Fee*



per Standard Postcard

Standard postcards are 4”x6” which is about 1/3 of a full page of paper.



per Full-Size Postcard

Full-size postcards are 6”x11” which is almost 3 times larger than a standard postcard

Postcard Mockup.png

Full-size postcards are nearly 300% larger than standard postcards but cost only 50% more per postcard.

Mailing can occur as quickly as 2 days after receiving your postcard designs and access to your past Amazon orders.

*Setup fee does not include postcard design. If you do not have your own designer, we recommend cheap or free services like FIVERR or CANVA to create your postcard designs.

Included Features

Duplicate Address RemovaL

We remove duplicate customers from your Amazon data so you’re only sending one postcard to each address.

Address Verification

We verify addresses so you’re only sending to deliverable addresses according to the USPS.

First Class Mail

All postcards are sent via USPS First Class Mail which is delivered within 4-6 days according to the USPS.

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AMZ2POST is a service of This Is Growth, LLC. This Is Growth helps e-commerce companies create profitable, repeatable revenue growth through cross-channel digital marketing and creative brand building.